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Fuck Everyone Elses Grass

  You know, looking at other peoples grass just causes a shit storm. Seriously. Here are a few things that spying on other peoples grass (relationship and/or life) can cause: -Extreme intense jealousy of others grass and all that is built upon it. -Cheating (because your neighbors grass looks so much better than your own… Continue reading Fuck Everyone Elses Grass

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Vintage Photographs

These are just a few photographs I took using my Samsung S4 phone. I am really close to being able to get another DSLR. Until then, I have been using the everything out of my camera phone. I can’t really explain what inspires me. Sometimes it is the colors, the location, or the story. Here… Continue reading Vintage Photographs

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Silence is Loud

I’ve realized that silence is ironically very loud. There are all different types of silence. Some types occur naturally while others occur due to unsettling events. Here are my interpretations: Intellectual Silence: you can find this in a library or at a place of business that involves software developers swimming in a sea of computers.… Continue reading Silence is Loud

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Saying Goodbye

Today, Atlas, a very loved clinic cat that belonged to all of us at my vet office was put down. Everyone working there has taken care of him in some way and just the same, Atlas has touched their lives. You could find him posted on the front counter as people came into the vet… Continue reading Saying Goodbye

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