Wishing for Wine

This morning the sky was not the only thing that felt dark.  I often have days where the sun refuses to shine.  Some of my posts will be extremely up while others will be extremely down.  I suffer from depression so trying to be “happy” is just another thing to add to my TO DO list.  The country radio droned on the way to school today as I watched bumper to bumper cars try to all get somewhere at the same time.  It’s crazy how it appears that we all are traveling in the same direction and yet we are in fact all going in different directions.

I feel incredibly overweight.   I don’t feel cute 😦 My pants are tight..my my jacket is tight…and if I could live in pajamas I would. This is a sign that I need to take action ASAP. I always fall into one huge trap many people do and that is…compulsive exercising. That moment where you look in the mirror horrified and run around the block 10 times. Afterwords, you spend the next 3 days in bed recovering.  Needless to say…you don’t do it again  until….well let’s be honest you probably never do. I need to pick back up walking because walking does not feel hard.  I need to walk a short enough distance that I will repeat it again.  After Thanksgiving there is a huge rush to get that stuffing off. However, mine goes deeper than that. I’m an extreme stress eater. If I am angry, frustrated, or extremely sad I eat. If I have cramps I eat. If I fail a test I eat.  People say well grab carrots. Umm who wants carrots when you are a stress eater raise your hand??? ::crickets::  exactly….


One thought on “Wishing for Wine

  1. January Jade says:

    I’m always looking for an exercise partner on the weekends. Once spring hits, I like to go to the tennis court and hit a few balls. No I’m not good but it is a great stress relief among friends because it is just pure fun. We can hit Trashmore on Sundays after church and walk around it a time or two or do the window shopper workout and just walk around the mall. That’s more for socializing and venting.

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