Good Morning Beautifully Pissed Off

When your morning begins with you blaring your horn at a school bus for not letting you in a merging lane you can assume the day can only go uphill from there! I spent over an hour listening to a math problem consisting of a group of people upset that there were not enough peanuts in their baggies from the plane.  There was apparently supposed to be 5 ounces of peanuts and people felt they were getting duped because surely there were less than 5 ounces in there.  I kid you not this is a TRUE story of complaints many people made.  Thanks to these whiny people I get to sit in a class and figure out if in fact they were correct in their assumption.  This is a definite FML moment.

Hoping to make my “Forgotten Chicken” recipe tonight. If interested in recipe just check out my Approved Recipes section at the top of my page.  Also, want to learn how to make some interesting lunches.  I’ve been living of sandwiches and it’s getting really old! When I get bored I tend to get down. definitely need some variety in my life.

LEFT TO DO OVER NEXT TWO WEEKS: Historical Geology Lab Exam, Historical Geology Lecture Exam, 1 Math test, 1 Math exam, 1 Social Problems test, 1 Social Problems Exam


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