Creative Thinking

Good Morning! Here I am back at Barnes and Noble again.  I’m reading Blog Inc. by Joy Cho and have already enjoyed my coffee w/ blueberry muffin! Although Starbucks is prized for their coffee, there is something truly amazing about their blueberry muffin. I actually come here to read because I cannot afford to buy the books.  Books here that I look at usually range from $16.95- 19.95.  It’s much more affordable to just grab a notepad and pencil and go to town writing things that stand out.

I love reading inspirational books because it reminds me that everyone has to start at the very beginning.  I sometimes feel so unbelievably behind and confused at even what direction I’m trying to go in. This blogging thing is wonderful though because I can write however I feel and share it with others.  I’ve never been a private person.  The more open a person is with me the more comfortable I normally feel with them.   Those who hide things though have their reasons too.  They are bracing themselves for the next wave which so often comes.

Halfway through Blog Inc I came upon a featured blog called “Girl Crush.”  Reading about this blog in  Joy Cho’s book gave me an idea to feature women (possibly men too) who have got through extremely hard times.  It would be wonderful to create a blog that helped others feel less alone.  I’m trying to decide if I shoudl start a new blog for this idea and just keep this one for myself? Yesterday, I purchased my domain name from ! You can now access this site at .  I’m truly excited abuot this blog and know that followers will come.

I will leave you with a great quote that sums up my life right now.  I found it in the book “Undecided” by Barbara Kelley and Sannon Kelley. (Looking forward to reading this book as well!…fingers crossed it’s on Amazon for less expensive)

‘Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’ asked Alice. ‘That depends a good deal on where you want to get to’ said the Cat. -Alice in Wonderland


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