Book Blogs

I decided to change the layout of my page tonight! I think it looks much better than before. At the very least I can see the words that I typed which is always a plus.  I would love one of the fancier layouts but they cost money.  It’s something to save up for.  It will be a great day when I can leisurely buy things I want as opposed to things I need.

Also, a new feature on my page is the “book list.”  I’m looking through awesome blogs of people who take the time to review tons of books.  I read that one person read 17 books a MONTH! Normally, if I am lucky, I can get through a book in a month or two ha.  I guess my career is not in book reviewing. When finding a book I usually notice the cover first. There was a whole article listed on one of the blogs I saw when I was browsing through someones recommended book blog list. If I can find it again I will link it!  If you like to read not only a summary but see someones “number rating” of books check out A Bookish Affair  !  There is also a book giveaway going on that you can enter.  Amused by Books did a well written and informative review of The Color of Tea by Hannah Tunnicliffe. There is a strong possibility that this is the book I will be reading next! It’s a huge plus that it is also 90 cents used at plus shipping of course ($3.99) still! $4.90 for a book is not bad!

Still stirring around ideas about the blog I want to create that focusses on abuse victims.  If anyone has any creative names for a website that you would like to share with me please feel free to email me! The email link is at the top of the page.  My email is .  One of the best music videos that involves abuse is Concrete Angel by Martina McBride. I linked it for those interested.  The song has always really hit home for me at all different points in my life. I applaud all of the concrete angels out there who refuse to give up. Now, if only I could find a way to help them…


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