6th grade love in real time -TRUE STORY

I just read this article Middle School Love Letter  and loved it.  It’s one of those stories that gives you a special feeling that some people are destined from a young age to be together. Trevor, the 6th grader, wrote Cathy what many would consider a “check yes or no” letter about going out with him. Dont you love how back in the day you were IN if you were dating someone. What were we like 11 years old or something HA!! Anyway, Cathy chose to go out with him but their relationship only lasted 2 weeks. Imagine that. :p ok I’ll stop being mean.  Years later after high school and other relationships they end up back in the same location.  His letter to her from 6th grade was always saved and was displayed on the table at their wedding.  Sweet Story. Life gave them a fairytale.


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