Don’t Tell Me I Can’t

I feel if more people lived by “Don’t Tell Me I Can’t” they would accomplish things they could not even dream of.  I see so many students put off assignments until the very last-minute. For some reason, they then turn to me and share that they have several other classes and just have not had time to do it.  This is one of those moments where inside I am screaming SERIOUSLY?  Just in this past fall semester of 2012 my transmission has gone out, I went into the hospital with Bronchitis, and my chihuahua got attacked causing a life threatening injury.  Yet, somehow I have managed to get it together enough to turn in my assignments.  And yes, I too have four classes! I don’t feel that this is because I am smarter than anyone else though.  I’ve stayed late after class, I’ve requested to come into classes that are not mine to make up work, and there have been several times I have been up late doing many different assignments.

I’m not going to’s the end of the semester and I feel:

-burned out




Just like everyone else. As I finish each class though I do have a sense of “I did all I could.” This in and of itself is comforting. It makes all the extra work I put into my courses worth it.  Also, when you fall behind and miss class do not hesitate to reach out to your teachers. My Physical Geology teacher, Professor Van Vort, told me that he often sees kids one day and they disappear the next.  I told him that even though I may not pass I want to give it all I can because I am a fighter. He has come to not only respect that but expect it of me.  I found out today I passed his class with an 89.9  % . 🙂

My point is, do not give up.  Whether college feels too easy, too hard, too long, too pointless, try to stick with it. You’ve most likely gone through way to much shit to just pack your bags and walk away now. Hang in there. I believe one day for those who fought valiantly to finish it will pay off.


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