I Don’t Belong

Anyone ever look around and have this overwhelming feeling that they do not belong? Whether that be in your career, in college, or just strolling through a neighborhood that looks like it came out of a snowglobe. I struggle with this issue a great deal in my life.  Each day I get up and the same thing. Go to work, go to school, be a wife, cook, feed the dogs… Yet, I feel incredibly unhappy.  Actually, there are days where I struggle with feeling anything at all. I want to be thankful that all my decisions and struggles have led me up to THIS point in life.  However, I still feel just as behind today as I was 5 years ago to an extent.  I’m still completely undecided about what I want to go into, I still bounce my account, I still struggle to get groceries, I still can’t pay for school, I’m still incredibly lost. 😦 I WANT to go to school  yet I can’t afford the books.  I WANT to go into Photography yet I’m not really great at taking pictures.  I WANT TO BE HAPPY. Why does all of this feel so insanely hard?


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