Starbucks Vs. McDonalds

 McDonalds Coffee

I got a LARGE Coffee from McDonalds this morning for 74 CENTS.  After adding Splenda & Cream it was not terrible! Not Starbucks but not unedible either 🙂

I always want to buy the fancier version of things. For instance…at Starbucks I am more prone to going for the White Chocolate Mocha or the Sugar Free Vanilla Latter which = EXPENSIVE!

I’m going to have to start simplifying things down to plain coffee or hot tea (also an affordable option at Starbucks).

Just thought I would share !



5 thoughts on “Starbucks Vs. McDonalds

  1. You should buy a French press and a coffee grinder! You can find the press for as little as $8.00 & the grinder for $12.00. Or if you stalk your local goodwill or thrift store you may be able to find them even cheaper. You get fresh ground, fresh brewed coffee at home. I stopped using a regular coffee pot because I realized how much coffee I was wasting. I would brew a whole pot and drink maybe half of it. My French press makes about two full cups of coffee which means none of it goes to waste. And I rarely ever go out for coffee anymore, I just make it at home.

    You can even buy the Starbucks beans (some of them come flavored) for around $11 at most grocery stores. One bag usually lasts me at least two weeks if I have 1-2 cups of coffee a day. Even better, when you finish the bag, you can trade it in at any Starbucks for a free coffee!

    1. Oh that’s a good idea! I’m unsure what a French Press looks like? I’ve never heard of it haha is it like a little coffee pot? I have seen the grinder. I did not realize they were that cheap! That would definitely be a good investment. 🙂 Yes Starbucks is so expensive it sucks 😦 I payed like $4 for my mocha the other day and NEVER do that but I was just in the mood so it was worth it. Also, about the bag just hand them a used bag and you get a free coffee? How have I not heard about that! 🙂 thanks for the tips!

      1. The French press isn’t a coffee pot. You don’t have to plug it in or anything. Here’s a link to a French press so you can get an idea of what they look like:

        In order to use a French press you grind up the coffee beans in a grinder, pour the grounds in to the bottom of the French press and then pour boiling water over the grounds. Set the lid on the press with the knob pulled all the way up. Let it brew for a few minutes. I usually leave it for four. Then press the knob down slowly and you have fresh coffee! Pushing the knob down pushes the grounds to the bottom so they don’t end up in your coffee cup. It’s really very simple and it only takes five minutes.

        If you read the side of the Starbucks beans bag it says you can trade in the bag for a free cup of coffee. It’s pretty awesome.

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