Strange Elf on the Shelf


Anyone else feel freaked out by the elf on the shelf?! I started seeing these little red elfs in facebook pictures…then there was the book at barnes & noble with the elf next to it.  I then discovered that the same elf was hanging from the chandelier in the house I work for. Today, the kids I am babysitting explained excitedly that the elf watches them and then flies to the north pole at night to report to santa how they have been.  It’s cute to see how serious they are about it. It def was a no no to touch the elf. Not that I wanted to touch it. I’ve never been a fan of manicans either. Anything that looks like a person that is posted in an unexpected place has always scared me :p  Tonight when I put the kids to bed I heard a pitter patter from downstairs. So I go back upstairs to check to find kids huddled in bed. They explain that the elf is making the pitter patter noise . Upon telling them that they need to tell the elf to go to sleep they say ELFS DONT SLEEP!! Great. hahaha. Kids are way too smart for their own good!


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