Today I have been rearranging my college schedule to try to figure out the most affordable way to go to school. I was signed up for World Literature and Sociology..both of which I did want to take but not for the price of the books.  Even on amazon used they were around 50 plus dollars.  I decided to replace them with Intro to Literature and Stress Management. God knows I can use that class! Anyone ever feel like college is a giant scam. I’m thankful I am going and know that one day it will pay off but the amount of debt that I am trying to avoid at all costs feels overwhelming. Like this giant wave that is about to crash down on me.  I still have 2 more exams left to go before I can find out what I made in all my courses this semester.

I’m also sick right now. I hate being sick I always feel so gross from my nose that runs and horrible coughing.  Trying to treat symptoms with vitamins and some over the counter meds.  Fingers crossed I can just ride this out.

I saw the best FREE play this weekend with a friend. We went to go see a play based on Candyland that was a Christian play. The way they tied the Christian part into it though was awesome. Props were amazing, everything extremely colorful, and kids got so much free stuff. They wheeled out tables of cupcakes, marshmallow pops, and full size candy land games.  It was also really interactive for the kids and adults.  Like my friend Keisha said, “I really needed that~!” It’s hard to find anything anymore that can make you laugh and is affordable.


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