A Child’s Weight Loss Story

I read about a story today on yahoo news of a 9 year old girl named Breanna who lost 66 pounds.  Click on the underlined words to read actual story. This true story  inspired me a lot because I saw myself in her. When I was her age I’m sure I was around her weight or close to it.  I LOVED that her family took action as a FAMILY.  She lost the 66 pounds by going on 4 mile walks down a nature trail with her family, doing the elliptical, getting on a swim team, and watching the amount of fat she ate in her food. I believe she said she only eats 20 g a day.  It did not sound like she did any fad diet or tried anything that was unhealthy like so many past stories I have heard of.  What also stood out to me was that she has a slow metabolism. What that means is that not only has she had to work very hard to lose 66 pounds she is always going to have to work that hard to keep it off.  Losing weight..though it may seem like the hard part…can be the easiest part in the sense that weight can jump right back on you if you are not looking. I applaud this little girl for turning the lemons of peoples criticism about her weight into lemonade by getting healthy.



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