The Kmart Rant

Ok so I’ve never been big on Kmart but I stopped by there quickly to pic up some meds since I’m sick.  I noticed they are having a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE shoe sale! So excitedly I go look at the shoes. Of course everything is gone in my size so I spend a lot of time trying to find something that works. I found a pair of nice tennis shoes and another pair of leather shoes.  Note that the BUY ONE GET ONE FREE signs were everywhere…even underneath the shoes.  I take the 2 pairs of shoes up to the register. The guy rings them up and they are full price. I stop him and say umm those are Buy One Get One. He says they are ringing up full price. And I tell him again ALL SHOES ARE BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. He’s on crutches which I feel bad about but he goes to find a manager. He returns saying the manager is coming. We share small talk. There is a line behind me. 15 plus minutes go by.I tell him it’s too bad he does not have a BOGO button on his computer or a way to just subtract the lower pair of shoes off final price. Crickets.  I find a magazine and start reading it while we wait. No manager. Someone yells across the store that works there to see which shoes im buying. He literally holds one of each shoe up in the air for them to try and see since they clearly dont want to come to the register!! wait more. Then this person from across the store sends another girl to grab one of each shoe so she can check them and make sure they are on sale ???! The “manager” finally appears and tries to ring up one of the tennis shoes I am getting. She then says it’s “discounted” already . Which aka means they don’t want to do the BOGO but so help me if I was not leaving with those shoes. I say THERE IS NO SIGN SAYING THOSE SHOES ARE ALREADY DISCOUNTED. She gets an attitude and says well I am just letting you know. But then says ok we will still do the BOGO even though we are not supposed to on discounted shoes. Like she is doing ME a favor. She leaves quickly. The guy ringing me up  tries once again to re ring shoes. Cannot get it to work. Has to call a different sales associate over to put it in for him and do some type of over ride.  FINALLY I get my 2 pairs of shoes for about $36.  Ever ask yourself if a sale is actually worth what it takes to get the sale price?

Also, one other small vent.  I’m unsure if some people are naive or just mentally impared about the facts of life but I was over hearing a womans conversation in the shoe department. She was telling person on phone that everyone was yelling at work because they had to work on Christmas Eve. She continues to say Christmas Eve is not a holiday. And that the big issue was that people did not want to do the night shift on Christmas Eve. She says she has no idea what they are upset about because they get off early in the morning for Christmas on Christmas day so they have the entire rest of the day to enjoy it…….   FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DO NOT REALIZE THIS working the overnight shift means that all you want to do is sleep the entire day. If you get up to get a bowl of cereal then that even is pushing it.  People have children, families, friends, christmas parties, church events, functions, volunteer work, etc that they want to be involved in on Christmas Eve. So to whoever that was on the phone…I COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND WHY THE PEOPLE ARE UPSET.


3 thoughts on “The Kmart Rant

  1. I really hate K-Mart. Every time I went in there I had the worst experience. There’s one right next to my neighborhood but I would rather drive down the road a ways to go to Target instead. I’ve gone in there in the evening and waiting in line for nearly half an hour because they had a single register open. Not to mention their selection in pretty much every department is really awful. The K-Mart nearby doesn’t even carry groceries anymore. And the prices are more expensive than at Walmart or even Target sometimes. And to answer your question, no I don’t think the sale is worth the awful experience. Especially consider that your money goes to a company that continues to understaff their stores, sell overpriced products, and hire incompetent people. The last pair of shoes I bought were for $3 at a thrift store. I waited two minutes and line and the cashier was very friendly.

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