So today was eventful ! I made chicken salad, stuffed peppers, and easy Christmas pretzel treats that were delish!!!! Pictures below



I did a blog about these pretzel treats and how to make them a few days ago! I also have them in my APPROVED RECIPES section at the top of my page so please check that out.

Here is my Chicken Salad. This is so good I can literally eat it right out of the bowl.


num num num

Ok and because I was feeling extremely adventerous…that and my husband and I need dinner tonight lol I made some stuffed peppers!



YUM! I can’t wait to eat these tonight ❤

Again, all recipes can be found in my APPROVED RECIPE section. After I try the stuffed peppers I will add them in there. I have to try and like the food before I add them 🙂 However, I have no doubts these will be fantastic. I love how colorful and Christmasy they look!


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