Today was bittersweet. Our beloved sweet lab mix named Kiwi was given a new home today. This new placement was due to a territorial water bowl bite she gave our little chihuahua. Kiwi has never done anything like that before and it really broke our hearts to find a new home but it was just for the best.  She is now the only dog, with a yard, and lots of attention. We love and will miss you Kiwi!

On a more brighter note..I made all A’s aahhh! Philosophy, Geology, Statistics, and Social Problems.  That is very exciting considering I failed one of my finals and struggled in other classes. I’m telling you DO THE EXTRA CREDIT if it’s offered. That has always saved my butt!

The family I work for today also gave me a $200 gift card to county outfitters. WHAT!? I felt like I was seeing things when I saw $200 written on gift card. That’s when you know you are appreciated. For those that wonder I am a nanny and have worked with this family only a short time. It really meant a lot. Right now it’s between these two pairs for me…

Pair 1

Pair 2

lmk which you like better~ !   I have the next several days off. Tomorrow I am going to get to work cleaning the apartment. If I don’t leave the house  will not spend money I don’t have….so I am going to try to not leave the house! 🙂


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