Dog Shame

I submitted Daisy’s picture to and it was posted today. She is on the second page. If you click and school down you will see a lil brown chihuahua 🙂 That would be Daisy! seriously, if you need a good laugh just scroll through those pictures. It’s amazing some of the things dogs will do. I love the one about the dog having a trash party and drinking beer plus listerine plus I believe it was hotdogs. He then through up. I would throw up too! I saw another good one about a dog that eats remote controls.  hahah!

I’ve now got everyones Christmas present either in the mail or ready to deliver to them. Thank God. Anyone else feel like this Christmas has been super EXPENSIVE. Even when you do DIY things it still takes money.  I must admit many of the gifts I got people this year were from Goodwill. However, they were good condition things. I would not buy someone something that looked used because that’s about as exciting as not even getting a gift!

I continue to miss Kiwi very much. She was my baby girl. It’s hard to do what is right as opposed to what is selfish sometimes. We found her a good home where she can have a ton of attention.  It’s attention we honestly just did not have the time to give her. Letting go of anything you love though is incredibly hard.

I keep forgetting tomorrow is supposed to be the end of the world. I feel like I need to write this on my calender 🙂


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