Know your Limits

I hate to think how much time in my life trying to either look like other people or act like them. Being satisfied with my own self is something that to this day I sincerely struggle with. I’ve always tried to push myself to stay up later for parties, to fit into clothes that are too small for me, to envy the crap out of beautiful houses, and the people that must live in them.  I’m really trying to work on all of this. For lack of a better way of putting this, I really waste my time concerning myself with things I cannot change.  I have to just come to terms with who I am. 

1. I am a light weight. 2 Beers. That’s plenty

2. I need to be home and in a horizontal position by 9 PM (for some reason this is when my body starts screaming enough)

3. I will never look like someone in a magazine because they have an entirely different genetic pattern than I do. Jenny get over this. And those girls with incredible abs showing the five minute exercises in magazines….YEAH THEY DO A LOT MORE THAN 5 mins of exercise!!

4. I need to chill out on judging. Stop judging people, their houses, and those with lots of money. For all I know they could be miserable.

5. I must learn to say no. If someone is trying to talk me into something whether it is staying out late or other just know my limit. Do not waver. This means I will need to get really friendly with the word “no” beause I will be saying it possible 3-4 times in the same conversation with the person trying to convince me. Say it in a nice way though of course. Over time, people will stop asking and just realize my limits.

6.  I should not go on any more crazy diets. They will not make me look like the person on the cover. The majority of the time I will starve. When my body goes into starvation it will literally eat itself as I die slowly. Ok so maybe that’s a bit extreme but my point is… for ME …diets achieve nothing but a major binge when I get off them.

7. Not to refer back to the resting concept but I NEED 8-10 hours of sleep to feel truly rested.  Staying up extremely late = Jenny not going to work… not even getting out of bed.

8. I need to accept that  I have no idea what I want to go into. So stop one day saying you want to do this and the next completely changing it. When you know you will know.Right now,you certainly don’t know.  It’s ok to be lost. Are we not all lost at some point?

9. I have to realize it’s ok to really disagree with friends and voice it. Often, I just listen and hold back if something someone says affects me.  I need to find my voice and use it more.



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