Choosing a Domain Name

I’m fascinated with domain names and how easy it is to buy them! I never really realized how all that worked until I read the book Blog. Inc and started to youtube tutorials.  I’m wanting to start a blog that is JUST for cooking. I am by no means an expert now do I consider myself a great at cooking. However, it’s fun to learn and when things turn out well I want to share them!

For those of you interested in finding a domain name but feeling a bit lost as to what to choose (.com, .net, .us. etc) check out this youtube video here  . This is one of the better advice videos I have found on the topic. The person doing it also gives a great point. One should imagine what their website name would sound like on the radio. For instance, if you named your website KraftyKate or cute at that sounds…Krafty is spelled with a K instead of a C. People would be most likely thrown off by this and would not locate your website.

Another good point is that though Amazon and Target are brand names and EXTREMELY popular…they did not become this overnight. Hearing the word “amazon” or “target” does not really tell us what they sell. They had to become big for us to realize they sell all different types of products.  Sometimes, choosing something a bit more explanatory like (no idea if that is taken ha!) would tell people a bit more about what you sell.

I found out too that all of the one word .com websites are taken. That explains so much about why every time I try to find a website domain name that is short I can’t .

One of the first successful young adults that I watched a youtube video on was a girl named Brogan. Her website is . Also, her youtube video can be found here ! She has good tips in many of her videos on starting a jewelry business. This is the actual video by her that I was thinking of ===> Starting a Business Part 1

Hope this helps someone!


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