After Christmas Target

I stopped by Target after work yesterday. I was hoping since it was still the day after Christmas that it would not look like a hurricane hit in the store. It was also raining yesterday. WRONG. There were things everywhere and most of the good stuff was gone.  I did get a few things. During sales I tend to get carried away. For instance if a person passes by me with a buggy full of wrapping paper rolls something happens in my brain that tells me maybe I should grab that many. I don’t even have kids! This year I don’t even think we used one entire roll. I did get a few cool things.


1 Ornament set (was $20 got for $10)

1 Change Counter Piggy Bank (was $4.99 and got for $2 something)

1 Roll of wrapping paper (under $2)

1 massive dog bone that was larger than my chihuahuas body (was $10 got for $5)

1 present for friend for next year case she sees this will not list specifics

1 bag of Pits Chips (was $2 something got for $1 something)

5 cans Chicken Brother (were 99 cents got for 59 cents)


I had a good time  looking around at things that were on sale. Thankful I did not bring tons of money with me because I definitely would have spent it! Will post pics soon of these things.

I also tried out a new sparkpeople recipe that I am hoping is going to be good! Will post about it as long as I enjoy it 🙂 I posted about a breakfast casserole the other day that was OK but not the best one I had ever had. Figured this time I would wait to make sure! It’s hard to decide with recipes because if I do not have something to compare to it often it tastes WONDERFUL. However, If I have made a previous recipe and can compare it I often am slightly dissapointed.

Anyway hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!




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