Today has been one of those days where you just want to crawl under the covers and blog about how crappy you feel. I feel extremely tired and came home to my husband saying “he forgot” for the 2nd time on something he promised me he would do. He then asked me to partake in helping him do it which made me incredibly frustrated. We could just say a huge verbal fight happened and then the day went to shit. He did say he was sorry.  Isnt it amazing how one little thing can make you go absolutely off the deep end when you have had a long day.  His mother is also still staying at our house.  She bought be presents which was nice of her. It’s just hard. Everything family wise feels hard.  I wish I had a mother or father that I was close to here. Or even family in general close.  Dalton (my brother) getting to come and stay a while was a real treat! I know I should be thankful…

I started reading “Nice Girls Don’t Get Rich” by Lois Frankel. I love that it’s written by an independant woman who feels strongly that she is rich. She also has a Ph.D.  Her book has some extremely valid points. However, prepare yourself to feel even poorer than before you opened the book haha. Especially when it starts talking about your networth.  Mine is def in the negative!! It’s definitely worth reading. Easy to follow. Here is what it looks like:

Nice girls dont get rich

I did stop by the dollar tree today and picked up a few more things. I found some Christmas cards for 50 cents a box, some sparkly window clings, CD of a fire place with Christmas songs (thought it was unique!), Christmas containers for $1, Christmas Writing Paper (50 cents), etc.  It was worth the stop! I also got some Betty Crocker Items from there like a new measuring cup set and 2 sink scrub brushes. They have tons of bright red items though by Betty Crocker that seem to be in better condition than most of the store 🙂


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