Today I bought a pair of amazingly comfortable workout “tights.” They are the kind that go underneath your shorts so as to prevent rubbing/burning of skin. Also, they are warm! I’ve never had a pair before but really feel that I’ve missed out.  Running shorts always ride up and do everything they are not supposed to do! The end of those days 🙂  I tend to burn out easily so im takin it easy and just doing ONE lap around my cul-de-sac .  I’ve tried to run in the past but it’s just too hard for my knees  😦

My birthday is tomorrow. Ah ! I can’t believe I will be $25. I got some nice gift sets from my husband and his mom. My favorite was an OLAY one that came with a razor, cream, and free magazine subscription. I ordered one to SELF magazine. Almost anything free is nice!! Will be going to a friends New Years Eve part tomorrow to bring in the new year/slash my birthday.

The laptop that I was planning to use for online courses starting in a few days slid off the bed and hit the floor a few nighs ago. Several keys popped off. A definate FML moment. And of course they do not just pop back on.  Thankfully, we have a second lap top. Will hopefully get mine fixed soon!


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