Bowling and Bachelor

Jenny and Deirdre 2013

I went bowling with some good friends tonight! Honestly, bowling is something I usually dread. I hate when people watch me do anything because I feel I am going to embarrass myself.  However, tonight was laid back. Everyone laughed, had fun, and for the most part sucked at bowling just like me 🙂

My college courses officially start tomorrow. FML. Also, having a very hard time finding Social Work or Human Services degree in the area or near the area of Florida I am moving to boo. It’s making me feel a bit uninspired because I want to feel as if I am working towards something. That somewhere in the midst of all this crap life has a purpose. kwim?


I will be watching the Bachelor next Monday at 8 pm on ABC. I’ve made it a girls night and two of my friends are meeting me to watch it. It’s nice to set aside one day a week that you have to look forward too!


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