Technology Sucks

I got inspired my my friend  The Minds Cabin blog on books to write this.  I just love books. I love snailmail letters. I love holding them in my hands and knowing that time and effort was put into them. There is nothing like turning a page quickly to see what’s on the next! When ebooks, kindles, and all other technology allowing one to read a book off a piece of technology came out I admit that it was interesting. It’s new and kinda the “thing” right now. However, I do not own anything other than actual books. Will I one day….I guess it’s possible I could at some point give in to try it but I know it would never replace BOOKS for me.They are aways on my shelf patiently waiting for me to visit them again. The characters, the places, the adventures…  Also, I miss letters! As in letters (OTHER THAN BILLS) that come in the mail!! I used to have pen pals . Anyone remember those? haha. And we actually took time to pick out really cute paper and write letters to one another. Swapping pictures of our lives. I remember waiting excitedly for a week for the reply to come. People about go ape shit if they do not get a response in a blink of an eye anymore.  I just miss those days….



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