To The Night Owl Exercisers

Just a brief note tonight to those who feel the need to exercise when it’s completely dark outside…


be happy

This may sound like common sense but clearly it’s not. I cannot tell you how often I see someone out at night be it walking for fitness or just walking around without protective equipment (what im calling it)! Tonight, thank goodness a lady was on the opposite side of the road because I did not see her until I was almost past her. Nothing reflective not even her shoes. She was just a power walking to! Also, god forbid this comes out racist..IM NOT TRYING TO DO THAT..but if you are African American or extremely tan and you wear all black clothing at night while your walking up and down the streets…really? Please think.

Just saying……

It might save your life.



One thought on “To The Night Owl Exercisers

  1. THanks for sharing! Although I am not any kind of Exerciser yet! I am working on it though. I did a killer workout today! It was legs! So, later I am doing a little for my stomache:) I am trying. !!!

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