Social Services

After continuous review of what I want to go into, I just keep going back to Social Services. I have never worked in this field but feel that the intense  things I have been through really apply to the struggles that foster children, homeless people, and those with extremely difficult family situations could relate too.  There are so many fields that I could more easily go into. I don’t want to look back though and wonder “could I have really made it happen.”  That must be the worst feeling and is a huge fear of mine.

If anyone is in the social services field or human services can you please tell me a bit about the area that you work in, if you feel satisfied with your position, and a bit about what it took for you to get there (Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree, etc). I need to learn more about this field but unfortunately it does not seem that there is much information on this topic. Maybe I am looking the wrong places. I will be moving to Florida as of well some point this year ! After a HUGE search of colleges in Florida that offer a degree in Social Services I found ONE public school which is University of Central Florida that offers it. There were a few private ones here and there as well that were $$$$.  Also, there is an on campus and online based school called Saint Leo that offers the degree. So far, my best bet sounds like University of Central Florida in Orlando.  If anyone knows about this school or has gone/is going please let me know your feedback!! 🙂

Here is a short list of why I feel I would be good in this field and things that have happened to me

  1. I’ve experienced (at 21) being thrown out of my house. (like I came home to all my belongings on the garage floor with locks changed.)
  2. I can count on one hand how many times I have met my biological father.
  3. My mother was there and yet not there. She had many problems when it came to raising me and the decisions she made in doing so. As a result, she is no longer in my life either.
  4. I understand being hungry
  5. I’ve lived in someones room (which I will always love and appreciate the person for) when I had nowhere to go
  6. I’ve run away
  7. My fiance broke up with me as I was planning our wedding
  8. I spend a large majority of my time being chronically depressed
  9. I’ve had my entire life in my car TWICE (it was a SCION xD which is TINY)

But more so than these struggles I want to show people inspiration and that you can overcome.

  1. I never gave up on college
  2. I refused to not get up in the morning and go to work when I was homeless as much as I wanted too
  3. Whether it was 2 classes or four I always completed the semesters
  4. Today, I’ve made the honor roll at my college twice
  5. My GPA is a 3.9 (I’m not naturally smart…im really not…I study my ass off and forget everything after I make the grade!)
  6. Summer of 2013 I will be graduating with my Associates
  7. I’ve gotten married
  8. I have a home
  9. I’m still in close contact with the best girl I know who gave me her bedroom in my time of crisis.

I tell you these things not to make you feel sorry for me but so that you understand me better and why I feel led to go into Social Services. I’m an open book because I feel if you share your story with people, if you are lucky, you will have helped one person feel less alone in this world.


And that my friends makes it all worth it.





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