Chocolate Covered Pretzels


My Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Recipe by Oh! She Cooks here

The only thing I would recommend is use a SPOON to drip chocolate over pretzels. Use back of spoon to “smooth” it on. Then, proceed to sprinkle on the sprinles  🙂 they will stick! If you are planning on dripping white chocolate over them though FIRST put chocolate covered pretzel sticks (on pan covered in parchment paper) into freezer for 1-2 mins. This will set the chocolate. Then drip white chocolate over them and return to fridge for 5-10 mins.  The white chocolate is not going to go on “neatly” so do not panic when you cant get a perfect squiggly design going like I did!! they all look really cute when laying next to each other.


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