Food Blogging..Can It Be A Career?

Ok, so in the back of my mind I would be lying if I said I had never considered doing this as a part time gig down the line (aka once I get my four year degree!). I love writing on here, meeting new people, and featuring new recipes.  I have yet to find a REALLY good article on food blogging as a career until I came across The Last Appetite ‘s food blog.  Their is an article on their site titled “making money with your food blog” that I would recommend that people read! It answers a lot of questions and points you in the right direction as far as HOW exactly do we make money with a food blog. There is also a place on The Last Appetites blog that has a food blog name generator. It’s hilarious because you will often get sexual or random words with food related words. EX: “A Chef’s Willingness” or “On her majesty’s secret lust” hahah what!?  It gives you word to consider though like : Foodie, Local, Good Living, Endless, etc.  There is nothing wrong with getting creative 🙂 Just remember it’s a food blog and not Fifty Shades of Grey!  The Food blog  generator can be found here

Obviously, I am still completely a novice at cooking AND writing.  For those reading this, no I definitely don’t make money of this site ha! But one can dream right 🙂 . I like to be informed in case I decide down the road to ever try something new. Until then I appreciate all my followers and the people that take the time to try the recipes on my page!

In case your not up to reading the add here are two websites that make SIX FIGURE SALERIES

Shoe Money

(this blog seems to have a array of different articles)



(this blog seems to have a lot of articles on blogging in 2013)


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