Research Opportunity! Advice Needed PLEASE

Every once in a while I get inspired to do something completely out of character for me.  This  morning I woke up moving about as slow as a turtle. Yet, when I got an email from my college I suddenly became revived.  There is a research opportunity for undergraduates being hosted at Virginia Tech. My major apparently could qualify for it. There is FREE room and food along with free parking pass (if you want to bring your car) and a $5000 stipend.  I’m unsure how stipends work but it said it was in addition to the other things! I know this may sound completely crazy but I’ve NEVER gotten to go to a college where I could live on campus, share a room, or have any real feeling college experience.

The experience is called : Paid Summer Research Experience at Virginia Tech

The Reasearch would cover: approaches to understanding and preventing societal violence

Heres the catch, it would delay my graduation (im supposed to graduate in summer and it’s a summer research opportunity)

It’s 4.5 hours away

I may not get in

The Deadline is the 25th like 3 days away!


This is a what would you do question because I REALLY need advice,

I do not have a mom or dad to help me with this.

Love my grandparents but they are positive about..well..everything

Even if you have never had the chance to do this, I’m just wondering if given the opportunity, WOULD YOU?

Thanks in advance to all that help!! ❤

Help Wanted


5 thoughts on “Research Opportunity! Advice Needed PLEASE

  1. I would do it ! I want those experiences to! I want some memories! ❤ Alot of people don't have this opportunity. Like me! And if you are still unsure, I would still at least apply. Like you said, you might not even get picked! I'm older now, 22. & I wish I would have done better to prepare myself for this type of thing! Good luck in your decision.

  2. Definitely apply. You can always turn it down later. My question would be – do you love the topic of the research? If yes, then I would do it! If you’re not sure, I would still do it! If not, then I would wait for another opportunity. Good luck!!

  3. thanks guys!! haha jgann your older? Im 25 haha! 🙂 you have plenty of time! I so have those days when im like omg I am SO behind. However, thank god this two year degree is almost over. Even if you have not started your degree you could still FINISH it younger than I am right now 🙂 that should give you some motivation!

    I’m confused on the topic and if it would apply to my degree. I want to get my Bachelors in Social Work. The topic is on violence and how it can be prevented. Does this go along with Social Work? I’m unsure exactly what in social work I want to do. I’m interested in everything from working for an adoption agency, being a counselor, working for a sponsorship agency, working with children in foster care…..

    thankgs guys for taking the time to reply!! ❤

  4. I would totally do it! If the topic is on violence I think that certainly goes along with social work. I have a few friends in the social work field and violence is, unfortunately, a large section of what they deal with. I think that you would have lots of fun in the college environment and it will help broden your career possiabilites.

  5. thank you guys for yalls support! I actually decided to turn it down 😦 it was a great opportunity but i realized that graduating this summer needs to be my main focus. If I had already graduated and was waiting to transfer to a 4 year college I would take the summer off and go for this. I just had to really sit down and think about all the factors involved. It would make our move to FL more difficult, change is really hard for me (emotionally and physically), and my graduation which I have worked so hard for would be pushed back. I sent the director a nice email and told him I appreciated the opportunity but this time around I would have to pass. I hope one day I may live to not regret that and that hopefully a similar chance will come around !

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