Flower Power

I learned something cool yesterday from the allyou magazine.  I of course tore out the page and lost it  so I googled  and found it again here on Tiny Green Mom’s blog. Fresh flowers in our house do many positive things for us.  I always considered them as pretty looking, nice smelling, and that’s about it. I stand corrected though!



-Promote less depression and anxiety

-It’s recommended to choose flour scents that bring back memories of good times (growing up in country, wedding, etc)

-Stimulate creativity and promote concentration

-bring about positive emotional feelings to visitors and those living within the house


On a side note, it started snowing about 20 minutes ago here in Chesapeake, VA. Snow has been magical looking to me my entire life because I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen it. I know thats mind boggling to some but we must remember that there are many people too who have never seen the beach! I grew up a very short distance from one so for that I am truly thankful. The positive memories that I can recall seem to revolve around the ocean.

Wishing everyone a warm evening! Can I interest you in a chai latte? :




4 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. Certainly not mind boggling to me since I have not seen snow in my entire life! It’s summer all year round in Singapore, where I live. Great blog you have here!

  2. Brooke says:

    Living in northern NY, I’ve seen snow more times than I can remember! Our average snowfall is about 50 inches per season! I went to school a few miles away from the Canadian border and it snowed like crazy up there! Walking to class was like climbing a mountain! I love snow and I love where we live because we truly experience all 4 seasons–it definitely uplifts my mood because the weather is always changing!

    Looking forward to seeing how the fresh flowers improve my mood! I’m starting to feel a bit of cabin fever with subzero temperatures all week!

    1. Hey! that is so cool you got to walk to school in the snow! I bet your immune system is better than mine. I’m used to warm or close to warm temps all year round. Moving to VA has been a challenge with weather because it is ALWAYS different the next day. It can be warm shorts weather and freezing rain the next. I hate it. I can’t wait to move lol. You are lucky living in NY. It’s really nice in NY. I loved that there were Lakes there. I visited Lake George last time I went and went on a lake tour on one of those boat things. Do you ever visit other states? def lmk how flowers turn out and what kinds you get! 🙂

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