Phi Theta Kappa

I Joined Phi Theta Kappa This Morning Over Coffee

Phi Theta Kappa

I decided to finally make the plunge and splurge on the $75 entry fee to join Phi Theta Kappa this morning ūüôā I’ve been pondering whether or not to do it for quite a while now. I did get an invitation, had a high enough GPA to qualify, and have sent emails to the director. I know for some people they might join honours organizations to “feel better than others” or where the fancy tassel at graduation. Everyone’s motivation is personally different and should be respected. We have the right to make our own choices.¬† However, I was feeling a bit put off personally by those things.¬† It’s not my desire to join something just so that I can say I am in a club (with that braggy¬†tone we all hate).¬† The more I looked into it though the more I realized that they offer a lot of scholarships and that being in PTK could make me more competitive if I were to transfer/go for my Masters.¬† I also feel that being a Counselor or someone in the Social Service field carried a huge responsibility.¬† I will be there to not only motivate people but use myself as an example.¬† Ever had someone tell you what you “needed” to do or that they “know” what you are going through.. only to quickly realize they have never done anything similar? I know people have good intentions when they try to comfort you by using words like “I Know” or “I’ve Been There.”¬† I’m telling you though that even I need to be careful with using these words.¬† If we hardly know who ourselves are or what we are capable of how can we possibly tell other people the path they should be going down? This is my small step in the right (hopefully!) direction to accepting an award because I proved to myself I am capable of qualifying for an honour.

For those interested in this organization you can go to¬†. Or, going to your college counseling office and asking for information/to speak with someone about it will put you in the right direction. They actually can “approve” you online now. If you have received an invite from PTK¬†from your college inbox there should be¬†an “approval code”. You go to the phi theta kappa website and type in code. You will then be directed to your information and a payment form¬†(I used Visa). My college wanted cash or check. Do people carry those anymore? hahah! Anyway, I encourage you to look into it. My college qualifications were that I must ¬†have a 3.5 GPA to get IN and then maintain a 3.0 GPA. From what I understand it’s a lifetime membership, one of the largest honours societies, and has 2.5 million members.

Quick Research Project Update:

For those of you who did not read the previous blog on this topic, I had the opportunity to apply for a PAID research project at Virginia Tech. I would go for the summer, get $5000, room & food free, to study violence in society.¬† For some reason the college sent out the email about this and the deadline 3 days before the application was due!? In my opinion, making choices in a hasty decision is the worst thing a person could possibly do. I talked it over with my husband who was surprisingly extremely supportive and thought I should go for it.¬†¬†I had friends that felt similar. I will always appreciate people who do not agree with everything I say just¬†to be supportive though because often they are the ones that cause a light bulk to go¬†off in my head.¬† Taking this project would¬†have postponed my graduation a semester, I would not have received¬†official credit (other than it going on my transcript I completed this), and I had a huge potential to get sick. I say sick because ANY type of change throws my body into a tail spin of illness. I’ve¬†been this way ever since childhood. Positive or negative childhood promotes major illness.¬† In the past too I’ve been blinded by “good deals” whether that means a sales rack¬† when I have NO money or trying to take on 2 jobs for¬† extra $ while going to school full-time.¬†What? Really? No wonder im either BROKE or SICK ha! I’ve decided to become a more assertive person. To learn to say no. To see a good deal and convince myself there will be more tomorrow.¬† Do I want regrets? no! who does? But ultimately, I must realize:







I’m truly going to work on all of these things.

Ok im off the soap box…..Now, off to order my $20 PTK water bottle…. (scroll down)

water bottle

just kidding!!!! ūüôā


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