Reblog Etiquette

American Trans Man

I absolutely do not mind if someone with a platform of communication of their own, be it blog or web site or whatever, reblogs one of my posts.  In fact, I’m flattered when folks in the blog-o-sphere (if I can borrow that term from Matt Kailey) find something I’ve written to be worthy enough for republishing on their blog.

However, there are different ways to reblog, and some are better than others. Reblogging has a certain etiquette all its own which can vary depending on what’s being reblogged and who wrote the original post.

I saw a number of different types of reblogging after I posted “14 Reasons Why It’s Not Okay to Out Someone as Trans.”  As I watched my post pop up on other blogs and sites, I found myself cringing at times when reblogging etiquette went by the wayside.  (And I have to say…

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