Copyright Concern

Hello My Fellow Bloggers

I need your advice! So, normally we know I feature recipes and post them on my page.

Here are the facts:

  • SOMETIMES I re word  & SOMETIMES I do not (I state when recipe is exactly as I found it)
  • SOMETIMES I use a picture (s) from sources food blog & SOMETIMES I have my own to use

With that being said,


Tonight, I posted a recipe that I did not reword and I used a few pics off of a website.  I linked like usual to the source but got an email from the recipe creator that either I needed to reword and use my own pics, link with just one picture from their blog, or completely take down recipe. I was told that was the correct way to do it. I’m not going to lie this feels a bit insulting because I would be honoured to be featured on someones webpage that was linked back to myself. I thought that this was ok? I did reword though out of respect and reposted….


  1. I’ve heard that recipes can be copyright protected but what exactly does this mean?
  2. I’m not trying to pass off anyones recipe as “mine” so what exactly am I stealing?
  3. Can someone really own the wording to a recipe? and if so how is this possible?
  4. And how are recipes “protected” if there are thousands of duplicates out there ?

Sorry if I sound frustrated! This has just been a really bad day and blogging is something I find fun. Receiving an email to correct what I wrote just did not sit right with me.  If I am in the wrong though I am in the wrong. I would like more feedback though before I admit that.

For the record, if you find anything on my page you wanna use copy and paste away. Just add a link back to my page. That simple!


9 thoughts on “Copyright Concern

  1. Combat Babe says:

    Most likely the person was pissed that you didn’t ask permission first. I always figure when in doubt, ask. Sometimes pingbacks fail so say they Google and find their recipe verbatim on your blog, it could peeve them. Also, it’s still considered plagiarism if you only change the words, like using synonyms of the words they chose. I would just read it and then go from memory and then once written by me, go back and check for technicalities you may have missed, and then source them like you usually do. I understand you’re upset, but luckily they didn’t ream you out, they just told you that they’d prefer if you created your own way of relaying the info instead of just copy/paste.

    1. Copyright means that you can’t copy it and put it to your own form, like if you blog, write essays, have a term paper due. You are infringing their right by taking their work. Some people expect to be asked permission before their work is taken even if sourced so they feel their right is respected.

    2. You’re stealing their creativity. You are crediting them but since you failed to ask, it’s disrespectful to them. They took time to write it from scratch.

    3. Yes because they essentially are the author unless they copied it from somewhere.

    4. Because recipes change and evolve and even when following to a T how another person does it, it still can come out a little different.

    Hope I didn’t just frustrate you further, just wanted to give my 2 cents and a little 411. Hope you feel better!

    1. Hi there, I have to chime in here and say that I agree with the person who replied to your email. The text in a recipe is copyrighted material And once someone posts it on his or her blog, is is their property. You’re right in that a link back is always a nice thing. However, if you post the entire recipe in your page, there will be no reason for anyone to actually click to the original creator’s page. This is where the problem lies: professional recipe developers who post recipes on their blogs are doing so (most of the time) to make an income. It pays our bills. When someone uses the content on their own site, it take traffic from other sites. And when you repost the recipe and photos without permission, you are in violation if copyrights and content licensing, period.

      1. Hello Bake Your Day! Thank you for explaining all of this. I have definitely gone back and revised many of my recipes to include one pic and one link while deleting the recipe steps themselvess. Exceptions are recipes I have found on pinterest that do not link to any blog or page. I have no way to credit someone for these if their page has been disconnected or shut down. I also have since emailed someone about using one of their recipe pics in my recipe and it seemed to go over MUCH better. Sometimes we think we are doing something positive when in fact we are doing something that negatively impacts another person. I stand by the fact that it did not occur to me that I was taking away traffic from other peoples webpages (again im so new to this) but that I am aware now and will make every effort to feature people with just enough info for others to reach their page. 🙂

  2. Valerie says:

    If someone wanted to share a recipe of mine, I would want them to either re-blog it (because then the person will be viewing it on my blog), or just name the recipe and give a link to the post – called a pingback. Either way, they will be seeing it on my blog, where I want it to stay. ❤ I wouldn't want my pics or my recipes being used on anyone else's blog. Just my 2 cents. 🙂

  3. I share a lot of food ideas on my blog-I never publish the whole recipe, I just link to the original recipe. It drives traffic to the other person’s blog because the viewer has to go to the other blog to read the recipe. Win win. 🙂

  4. thanks guys for the responses I really appreciate it! After doing a lot of research and reading these things I have realized i was in the wrong for how I was going about it. It was definitely not intentional. I was, as I think many people are, under the impression that as long as you link back to the person’s original work then everything was fine. Clearly, there is a bit more to it than that. I’ve spend time tonight revising many of my posts. Many of them no longer have the step by step instructions or recipe steps…just a pic and a link. Appreciate all the advice! It was taken to heart.

  5. I worry about this with some of the Thinspo pics I post, since I get most of them from Google images & never really know if that is even the original source, plus there are just too many to track down so I just posted something saying sorry if it’s yours & you don’t want it used. The problem with this sort of thing is the internet isn’t really regulated when it comes to this stuff, if you are willingly putting something online it is out there for everyone to see or use. I mean look at all the “Catfishers” out there stealing FB photos to use as their own fake identity. I honestly think that person was out of line, they should be happy to be linked back to & I would want the same. Maybe the permission thing pissed them off but they put it on the net & you can’t always ask permission from someone when it’s online, especially since pages can still be up that are years & years old & not regulated by a persona anymore. Also there is only so much you can reword when it comes to a recipe, I mean come on, people share recipes with on another all the time. As long as you are acknowledging them & not saying it is yours. I don’t think there is a real case or problem. Plus is that loser going to sue you for one recipe on a blog, doubtful.

    1. BakeYourDay -Thanks for saying that!! 🙂 I’ve realized to listen if the majority is feeling strongly on a certain point. In the beginning, I did feel frustrated and confused to have received an email like that. The Copyright thing I was not clear on obviously but it’s never fun recieving an email from someone telling you how to write something on your page. Whether you were in the right or the wrong. Instead of going with that feeling though I did research, ask, and admit that changes need to be made. In the long run, it’s so much more beneficial to allow my readers to see that I made a mistake and am willing to fix it than staying upset over a point that is actually valid. Appreciate you coming back to recheck this and hope to hear more from you in the future 🙂

      smashvip- I appreciate what you said as well! Yeah, I would think it’s really hard for people to regulate certain things on the internet since like you said people are taking others photos and calling it their own work etc. I completely understand why that kind of thing is incredibly offensive & frustrating. Even though I know I have already stated this I just want to say again that I have revised my page and if there are any further issues with a post I ask that someone email me first as opposed to putting it on my page. I’m thankful that particular person chose to email me and not just post it under the recipe because that would have felt embarrassing. Without getting myself in trouble, I must admit I smiled when I read the last line in your post.

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