Food Photography

I’ve been curious lately as to how to take really good pictures of food that I make. All of my personal pictures come out HORRIBLE which is disheartening. I have one of those digital cameras though that is not high quality and takes 10 shots just to get a clear image. Yeah, I think it’s time for an upgrade too!

Researching, I found that Zesty Cook had some good tips on food photography. He also recommends Pinch of Yum ‘s online book “Tasty Food Photography” which I myself am considering purchasing! The examples of the e book show that it is clearly written with many examples of good pictures vs bad ones (and how to prevent those!).

tasty food

 There is nothing worse than LOVING photography but being able to actually TAKE it. I respect and admire other people’s work but I feel we all have our own personal style. A photograph is like a letter…it can convey love, hate, passion.  There is so much I have to say which is why I must figure out how to take pictures. 🙂

Anyone know of an affordable camera that would be great for an amateur. I want one that can take pictures FAST (not wait 30 seconds to zoom), has a micro feature, ability to change settings, crop feature, etc.

Thanks in Advance!


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