I had high hopes for starting off this year. Unfortunately, EVERYONE seems to have gotten sick including me!! Yesterday was the third time this month that I have gone to the doctor.  Due to overcrowding I saw a different doctor who diagnosed  me with something completely different from what the last doctor did. You have to love when that happens! One thing I find incredibly frustrating about going to the doctor is a different diagnosis! :

1st doctor, Dr. Holland,  JANUARY 6th

(Me): My ears are hurting and there is a lot of pressure. I have cough, congestion, throat feels miserable.

(Doctor): Let me take a look. Well, both ears have fluid and do not look good.

Diagnosis: Sinus Infection


Z Pack (didn’t do shit for me)

Claritan daily


2nd doctor, Dr. Woods,  2nd visit JANUARY 21

(Me): My ears have really been bothering me. I’m feeling a lot of pressure. I still have cough, congestion, throat itches.

(Doctor): Let me take a look. Hmm I don’t see anything

Diagnosis: Asthma related infection with some laryngitis



Tussinex (for cough)

2 inhalers

Emergency phone call over weekend

Albuterol and Machine ordered  (chest so tight I could hardly breather. Inhalers stopped working)

Monday (called DR. to call in different medication)

Avalox prescribed (had horrible itchy reaction to this immediately after taking….rushed to doctor)

3rd doctor, Dr. Janis, 3rd visit JANUARY 29th

(Me): My right ear hurts and there is a ton of pressure. I continue to have cough, congestion, throat bothering me.

(Doctor): Let me take a look. I see congestion in them but no infection. Looks at me skeptically

Diagnosis: Sinus Infection


More prednisone

Musinex D

Musinex DM

shot to stop allergic reaction

Sorry, I just had to record all of this because the experience has been unbelievable. I cannot figure out why my body resists medication so much. I’m not even going to buy the over the counter stuff anymore. I go through bottles of that with few results. It is really scary to be sick, be treated by a doctor, and continue to be just as sick as before.

Anyone else have this problem?

I’m so down about all of this. My husband and I have gone through at least $300 plus this month to try to get me better. I’ve taken off a lot of work. Today, I feel a bit stronger thankfully but am still terrified of going back to work tomorrow for fear all symptoms will come rushing back 😦

Box of Tissues


5 thoughts on “JANUARY=SICKNESS

  1. Wouldn’t it be an ear infection instead of sinus infection? If the zpack did nothing for you I don’t think it is a sinus infection because that shit always works instantly for me and I get sinus infections a lot. So weird, I hate the doctor for that same one, I am convinced they are like weathermen and guess at what you have instead of actually knowing. Hope something starts to clear up soon!

    1. Hey! thanks for the comment. Yeah that’s what I thought too but I was told there was no “infection”. GREAT. I’ve just been imagining my ear hurting me for a month now. Maybe it is sinus though because the Mucinex D and DM when taken together (along with prednisone) finally seem to be clearing things up. Will keep you updated! appreciate you checking on me.

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