Facebook Yay or Nay?


I’ve noticed some of my “followers” (aka friends!) have facebook pages that correlate with their wordpress page. They look really good and seem to have followers on there as well! I’m wondering if there are any main advantages or disadvantages to this? And if so, what are they? I’m trying to figure out if I should create a facebook page as well to go along with muffins & mocha or if I should just solely focus on my wordpress page. hmmm?

Thoughts? 🙂

As fun as the thought of having tons of followers is, I’m  just worried that I will get completely consumed in that aspect of blogging.  Secretly I do check daily to see if I have any new followers 😉 I’m sure it’s different for everyone, but personally it’s important for me to remind myself  that I write first and foremost for myself from my heart. Getting the chance to share DIY projects, recipes, and random sweet & sour posts with bloggers willing to listen is a true honour.  Whether I have 1 follower (which at one point that’s all I had) or 100 followers does not change the fact that my material gets viewed, judged, and if I am lucky a positive comment will follow by one person  🙂 All it takes is 1 new “follower” to let me know I have reached someone else. Deep down my heart says focus on writing first, the readers will come to you in their own time.

Ok! sorry got a bit off topic. Back to what I was saying though. Is Facebook yay or nay for you? Any tips about creating a page that correlates with very similar wordpress page? Would you change the name, would facebook page consist of the same topics you post on your wordpress, etc?






5 thoughts on “Facebook Yay or Nay?

  1. I say Yay !!! Only because you might have followers that arn’t bloggers. I was once one of those! Just last year! LOL ! And I followed all kinds of blogs via Facebook ! I got to know what they was doing & tips & tricks…. anything I wanted really. But, as you said, you can spend to much time blogging…. like me! I sit at my computer for hours doing nothing! I am working on not being on so much 🙂 If you do decide to go along with making one… I will be one of your first followers there as well 🙂

  2. Hey ! Im sure that really helped to just observe how other people were doing it before starting your own. Just watching you and seeing your desire to have your followers participate in your page I think is really cool! I do believe you are on my facebook under Jenny Fusco?. I do have like a personal page that has been there forever lol. I post the most random stuff on there. Alot of funny quotes and animal pictures . I need to figure out how to get a bit more organized. I fear writing randomly all over the place may confuse people as to what my direction exactly is….or if there is in fact a direction hahaha,. anyway thanks for the reply!!! do you have many people in your party yet?

  3. It’s a great way to find new followers. What you can do with Facebook is limited, though, because they will only “allow” so many people to see your posts. Twitter is useful too-I always thought you had to have it on your phone. You can use it on your computer! If nothing else you could just have those accounts and set up blog posts to automatically publish on them whenever you post. Just some thoughts-it worked for me. I went from having just a few followers to having over 600 followers. 🙂 It’s just whatever feels right for you!

  4. oh ok good to know! thanks so much for the tips The Sadder But Wiser Girl. Is there a way with the free wordpress layout to get those symbols such as (P)interest (F)acebook etc up at the top of my page where it says “follow me” I cannot figure out how to do this but I have seen peoples pages set up to to do , It would help me get a lot more organized! 🙂

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