A Valentines Idea -A date of mug decorating!


Mug Decorating!

Ideal craft for Valentines or just spending quality time together!

Mugs can be purchased at the local Dollar Tree along with Permanent Markers

Instructions can be found here on Love The Grows blog!

I had to laugh when the NO TV rule put into place while they  were making their mugs and eatng ice cream sundays. Communication is SO much better when the tv is not blaring over the conversation.

Also, if you have a fireplace you could light that up and just work on your projects in the middle of the living room! 🙂 It sounds super relaxing to me  ❤

IM IN!!!


2 thoughts on “A Valentines Idea -A date of mug decorating!

  1. Oh, & the great content just keeps coming! Don’t you ever stop! I love this cheap & fun way of just doing something with each other! I am def going to do this! I cannot wait to share them with you 🙂

  2. thanks!!! what’s hilarious is that I took a sleeping pill before I posted this and had no memory of this post until I checked this morning hahaha! I’m glad I found this though because it is a fun idea right~! ha!

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