Good Morning Friends

Good Morning Friends

I apologize that this week has been difficult for me to post many things like I normally do. I’ve been dealing with a lot of health issues (aka 4th time to the doctor yesterday). I asked him what in the world I had that I could not get rid of. His response was “A Sinus Infection From Hell.” Yep that about sums it up! Somewhere between speaking with him and getting blood drawn unsuccessfully 3 times I was ready to buy one of those “Life is Good” shirts

life is good

RIGGHT….. hahaha! Really what ended up happening is my dear husband carried around my overstuffed purse at walgreens because my arms were too sore to lift it. That’s a good man for you. Finally, I got several new medications and have committed to staying in the bed all day long today. No excuses. I will do my health test from bed, drink coffee from bed, and eat in bed.  As much as we use the tv in the bedroom I kind of wish it was not in here because it stairs right at you like an appliance that needs to be turned out!

welcome 2

I want to do a quick shout out and THANK YOU to the several new followers that I got gotten over the weekend! I joined a blog party and it turned out exceptionally well. Many people viewed my page and made comments which was nice 🙂 Looking forward to doing or having one in the future.  Thanks again Jessica for allowing me to join! I really think that a blog party success is related greatly to having an interesting and easy topic for everyone to be able to join in!

sneak peak

Will try to post a few more things today! Including an article on Henry Ford. Now before you start tearing up from the boredom of that know I HATE HISTORY with a passion. It’s never ever been my subject. However, I learned last night that it’s not about the time that has gone by but the heart of a person that makes a story worth hearing. The ideas Henry Ford came up with and his success amongst his businessmen made me wish I could personally raise him  from the dead to save this economy, its people, and give hope to all of us that are so lost right now.

Ok well more later! 🙂


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