February Blog Challenge

1. SELF PORTRAIT (February 1st)

daisy 2


  1. I remember playing doctor, putting my stuffed animals in shoe boxes, and taking care of them
  2. I remember Bluffton, SC..riding on my granddad’s shoulders drumming on his bald head, walking to the beach on a dirt road
  3. I remember my first dog, a golden retriever, named Glory. She allowed me to pull her hair, feed her anything, and sat by me when I was sad.

3. YOUR DREAM HOUSE (February 3rd)

Ok so my dream house used to be a large beach house with many dogs and financial security.  I still love that idea don’t get me wrong. But more than anything I want a happy house. One that is filled with love, understanding, and comfort. A house that feels safe and welcoming. A home that one day my kids look forward to seeing every day. Big or small. Financially secure or rich. I want  my husband and I to be happy.

little house on the prairie


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