Mixing Color Craft & Book!

This past week, ,the child I am a nanny for and I have been reading the book called “Mouse Paint” by Ellen Walsh . If you need a good one on colors and mixing colors to make other colors check this book out! Extremely durable and hard back:


mouse paint

Amazon sells it here  USED starting at 1 cent! Ok, so to go along with our book I wanted us to do an activity that involves learning to mix colors. On wikihow there is a page that explains the basic  food coloring  colors and amount that needs to be mixed to make different colors. My idea is to just get some water bottles with tops and do basic colors by squirting food colouring in them and shaking them up. Then, to add more food coloring to each one to create different colors. I hope it works!

I also found a really cute 1st grader (or other age group) printable FREE craft that on WhatATeacherWants page here . It’s Valentines AND about mixing colors. You print off the page with the several hearts that touch. There is a place to paste colored construction papper on each one. Where the hearts actually touch/combine you put the color as if they were mixed.  Sorry hard to explain but really simpe! def check out! Below is the pic I found on www.pinterest.com that linked to the teacher page:






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