New to Planting?

I would really like to be succcessful at planting something. Everything I plant though dies. Like dies really fast haha. I looked into it. I think I may be doing it wrong! There is an  article  on Gazett Extra here that talks about how to first start off, what you need, and the most important things to know.

Also, I discovered a gardening chart on explaining the right time to plant indoors and transplant outdoors.

gardening dates

sorry so small!! going to try this out in a few months and see what happens 🙂



2 thoughts on “New to Planting?

  1. Oh my gosh, i love this chart! Im totally obsessed with having a basil plant live through the summer. I think i will try to plant one accordingly to the chart and see what happens. Only thing is the furthest “outdoors” it will get will be my fire escape haha.

  2. hahah I know right!! fire escape works?! I mean I guess it does haha let me know how that goes. I remember the days of not having a porch of any kind so “outside” was the window seal 🙂

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