12 Things Happy People Do Differently

I found this list on pinterest.com and agree with each of the points on it! I’m honestly trying to become a happier person. I let depression weigh me down a lot more than it should  Stress negatively impacts our quality of life by creating havoc on our health, emotional stability, etc. I’m going to be trying to post points on positive things as well as stress relievers in the future.  Do not get me wrong… I’m grateful for my life, friends, blogging, husband, dogs, being in college, etc. However, just because there are positive things in ones life does NOT make them a HAPPY person who knows how to deal with life in a POSITIVE way.  I feel like how we respond and look at life is a learned process. Some of us, were given the gift of having stable parents who helped ensure endless security amongst other needed traits. While others of us were kind of thrown out into adulthood like a pack of meat to wolves. I’m having to learn how balance my life and make my way. It starts today. Please click on pic below to enlarge 🙂

happy people

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