Steam Fresh Broccoli

Ok, secrets out, I LOVE BROCCOLI! My husband hates it so I have kinda quit eating it 😦 Who ever thought someone could miss eating something that resembles a small tree ? But I do! And I honestly don’t know how to cook it unless it’s the microwavable kind. So I looked on pinterest and found a great blog called FeastingAtHome that has an article on making it in a steamer with great pics to along! I encourage you to check it out. And for those who do not have a steamer (like  me!) I believe Target sells them for like $20. I need to go back and check but they are not that expensive from what I remember. I will be buying one soon!

Check out the recipe here


6 thoughts on “Steam Fresh Broccoli

  1. try roasting it – yes, roasting it – put broccoli in a bowl and toss with olive oil, grated Italian cheese, red pepper flakes – arrange in single layer on baking pan and put in the oven – play with temp and time – my friend did this for me when she was visiting and I didn’t pay attention… YUM

      1. if you have a convection oven option use the convection roast setting and do them for 15 mins at 350 deg but keep and eye on them to make sure they’re doing the right thing in there – i.e. not burning.

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