Recipes For The Week

I feel bad I didn’t get to blog yesterday! In all fairness, I did try before I punched a button on my computer that disconnected the internet lol. Being exhausted, I figured the internet had just gone out. After a lot of twisting and unplugging of wires this morning I discovered that the whole reason there was no internet was because of me ! 🙂 Anyway, I’m back. Wanted to share the recipes I am making this week:


This is a pumpkin dip by the sixsistersstuff that can be found here . It looks amazing and I cannot wiat to try it! I’m going to serve with apples and graham crackers on “Bachelor Night” with the girls.

Will be picking up a bottle of Mascato as well!

barefoot mascato

Also, for dinner I’m making

chicken parmesan

by Kraft. The Chicken Parmesan recipe can be found here

and for the broccoli

Amateur Gourmet had a wonderful recipe for broccoli that can be found here! I apologize I previously linked a different recipe that I plan to try when I have a steamer 🙂 This recipe just requires popping it in the oven.



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