Taking The Higher Road

There is a girl on my facebook, without naming names, that felt I was being dramatic by calling my husband back about a certain issue. She let my husband know this by getting angered when she discovered I had called him back a second time.  Ladies and gentlemen, please take this advice coming from someone who is married, NEVER put down someones wife or husband in front of their spouse. I don’t care if you are part of the spouse’s family or close friends.   Even if you feel entitled to say something,  it creates an awkward situation that does not usually resort to positive results.  I found out this girl had said certain things about me this morning  and that she deleted something nice I had said to her on facebook. Really? what are we 13?  Let’s just say this was me earlier this morning:



After I got over my hissing and bitching I realized that I, out of anger, had said a lot of things about this girl to my husband that were extremely negative. I don’t know what it is about frustration but when something highly offends me my inner self-confidence is triggered which results in me making statements similar to “I dare her to say that in front of me.” Who am I kidding. What am I going to do twist her hand behind her back to make her like me all while verbally berating her with how she “should” feel about me? Not Likely.  I had a very unusual realization today. After getting off the phone with my husband I actually felt emotionally sick. I had said things that put me on this persons level. I had referenced taking the person off my facebook (for the 2nd time) which would have been nice and mature .NOT.Bottom line: I had made a mistake. I later apologized to my husband for saying those things about this girl even though she had insulted me by her comments.

When we get angry at someone and show it we immediately give them the reigns.  Often, people want to get a rise out of us because they know it will make us look bad in the end NOT them. All to often, this actually works.  I regularly see people “deleting facebook friends” or “re evaluating everyone in their life.” And hey if you need to do that then it’s your personal choice.  I’ve just come to a point in my life where I am tired of having fights over things that don’t even make any sense. My stress management class is teaching me that the ONLY thing I have control over is myself. “I” have a choice of how I’m going to respond to situations. “I” have the option of walking away. “I” have the option of not allowing a situation to completely unravel.

Therefore, I’ve decided to take the road less traveled.

“I” am sorry that she has not taken the time to get to know me.  “I” wish things could be different. “I” need to surround myself with positive and supportive people though. Therefore, since im busy doing that,  “I” am not going to be taking up my time and emotions focussing on statements/actions that are not of help to me.

The End 🙂


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