Children International – Sponsoring A Child

I wanted to take a minute to blog about sponsoring a child and the organization, Children International, that I go through to do it.  I have been sponsoring a 9-year-old girl named Rosemarie from the Philipines through their organization for the past 2 years.  If you go to their website, , you will be able to search by country, age, sex, etc and view literally hundreds of children that need sponsors.  How it works is that you get to choose “your” child.  Does that mean the donation of $25 a month will go into just their hands? NO. When a child becomes sponsored they begin to receive benefits from Children International which means: access to medical benefits, assistance with school, food help, and more than anything they receive hope.  These countries have very few resources and I’ve read stories that their parents often become delirious from hunger and desperation. 83 % of all donations go towards these  charitable programs  that the child you sponsor now has access to because of you.  The other 17% is for Administrative and Fundraising Expenses.  The Better Business Bureau approves them as well.

When sponsoring a child, one has the ability to write the child. Depending on the child’s age, either they will write back twice a year (if not more) or their family will write for them until they are of age to write.  I have many letters from Rosemarie over the years as she does from me as well.  When you choose a child, YOU will be their sponsor. So it’s not like you get a childs picture, decide to sponsor them, and then find out 4 other people are also sponsoring them. I do  know that they stand true to this because I have received a childs picture in the mail that I’ve tried to sponsor, however, by the time I called Children International the child had already been sponsored. So that’s another thing, if you choose a child off the website  then they are guaranteed to be “your” sponsored child. However, if you send off for information on a child that needs to be sponsored, you will receive a picture in the mail (which takes TIME).  You will then need to check and make sure that child is still available for sponsoring when you get their picture because they may have been on the website and already been chosen before you got your letter.

2010-11-19 2012-08-15

Rosemarie when I FIRST started sponsoring her (1st pic) and today (2nd pic)


Countries from which someone can choose to sponsor a child are :

  • Colombia
  • Honduras
  • Ecuador
  • India
  • Mexico
  • The Dominican Republic
  • The Philippines
  • Guatemala
  • Zambia

There is no limit to how many children you can sponsor that I know of!

There is NO obligation. Meaning if you sponsor a child for 4 months and cannot do it anymore, you will not get harassed or charged. Just let the organization know you need to discontinue it.  They send you a “bill” each month as a reminder of your sponsorship but you are not locked in and can stop at anytime.

Along with writing letters you can also send things to your child and visit your child if you choose to do so! The organization requires that you go through them for any visits. Meaning you set up a date, time, etc, and they will provide someone from their company to assist you with meeting your child and the entire experience in general.  The trip, hotel, food, etc is afforded by you.

Though I can only speak for myself, the experience with Children International has been extremely positive.  $25 a month can literally save a life! Rosemarie tells me that I am her inspiration to become a teacher. She is one of those kids that I feel confident is going to change the world one day. I know there are others out there though that just need a little help to be able to do it.




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