February Blog Challenge Continued 7-10

I’ve gotten a few days behind on this haha sorry! ok so here is the list of questions again:

blog challenge

7. Favourite photo of you and your best friend

best friend

8. What’s inside your handbag?

My wallet, probably a bunch of random papers, and that’s about it haha not too exciting

9. What’s the meaning behind your blog name?

I used to go to Starbucks and read Amy Cho’s book Blog Inc. In the process I learned about blogging, the advantages to it, and how to purchase a domain name.  Muffins & Mocha is honestly because that is what I would order when I went to that Starbucks and pondered the idea of names. I wanted a name that is warm, inviting, and a place people would want to revisit.

10. Take a photo of something green

how bout a Christmas Tree lol!

Virginia 4


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