Do’s and Don’ts of dieting…in my opinion


I know I’ve been blogging a lot about recipes lately..and not the most healthiest ones haha! It’s weird but if I am craving sugar sometimes it helps to blog about things that I can eat in the future (and in moderation) 🙂 I had a friend recently post about some do’s and don’ts of friendship. It inspired me to write some do’s and don’ts of dieting. If you would like to add to my list please comment below! I would love to add things that I feel are relevent and true.


  • Choose a diet (or lifestyle) that is right for YOU
  • Write, blog, and inform people about it
  • Share your ups and downs
  • Join for their amazing message board, food trackers, and huge support group
  • Try recording your food in a spiral notebook for one week. I’m not saying count calories, I’m saying learn what’s really going in your mouth.
  • Teach yourself to cook. And by cook I don’t just mean main dishes. I recently learned how to cook broccoli for the FIRST time in something other than the microwave!
  • Make a board on dedicated sheerly to healthy things and/or fitness inspiration
  • Watch the Biggest Loser
  • Find an exercise that you enjoy
  • If feel you may have anorexia, bulimia, or body dismorphic disorder seek counseling
  • Do subscribe to health magazines
  • If your diet (or lifestyle)  allows, eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.
  • Listen to your body. There is a difference between doing one more crunch when you feel like you can’t go anymore and literally exercising to the point where you are ill.
  • Allow yourself treats in moderation
  • Pee before you weigh. I’m telling you, get all that water weight OUT first! 🙂
  • Reward yourself when you have lose weight or achieved a goal
  • Find a motivational partner, write them about weight gain and loss, make goals together, and never give up on one another.
  • Take your dog on a walk ! It makes it more fun!
  • Make sure you have a good pair of walking/running shoes that fit well.
  • Get enough rest! It aides in the weight loss process. I need AT LEAST 8 hours a night if not 10!
  • Find other hobbies to take your mind off of eating
  • Sneak healthier popcorn into the movie theatre. I pop those snack bags and bring them right on in inside my purse haha!
  • Take your vitamins!
  • Drink as much water as possible


  • Expect fast results. If they happen then great but remember often weight loss is slow.
  • Push your diet (lifestyle) on people. There is a difference between sharing what you are doing and pushing/preaching it to other people. If they ask for information that is fine! But realize when you say “you really should be doing this” it is likely coming across in their brain as “You look overweight and are clearly not eating right”
  • I’m sorry but if at all possible, don’t smoke. Smoking is not only horrible for your lungs but for your over all health. Yes, it is for many people an appetite suppressant. However, when you decide to go off smoking expect to crave food.
  • Don’t judge others based on their diet unless you feel their health is in danger.
  • Just because a celebrity is supposedly doing it does not mean doing the same thing will morph you into their body.
  • Give Up.  Always push yourself. If it didn’t happen yesterday then today is a great day to begin.
  • Use holidays as an excuse to NOT diet or diet afterwords. If your going for long-term results  you must try to stay strong during holidays. that does not mean saying “no thanks” to desert! It means SMALL PORTIONS.
  • Regardless of what type of diet (lifestyle) you are following, never starve yourself.
  • Scare yourself when you go to the gym and weigh right afterwords. If you had bottled water to drink them more than likely 1-2 pounds of water is sitting in your stomach.
  • Give Up. Often you must cheer yourself on even if you feel like the only one
  • Keep food in the house that you will binge on
  • Feel you have failed if you gain weight back.. Many people fluctuate (like me) up to 3-4 lbs a day for some reason a day
  • Keep people in your life that do not motivate, support, and stand for you. Unhealthy relationships lead to stress which leads to weight gain. There are definite scientific studies to prove this.

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