These weeks chapter in my Stress Management class covered Meditation. We had to do a few meditation videos off of youtube (about 10 mins each) that cover different types of meditation. I wanted to share three of them with you!


Progressive Muscle Relaxation – This 10 min video explains how to breathe during meditation, how to tense and relax your muscles, and really how to just understand the difference between tension & relaxation.  I enjoyed this video because I found the girl’s voice on it to be relaxing. She references how to breathe in both the beginning and end of the video.  Breathe in relaxation, Breathe out tension.

The 5 Minute Vacation – Is a 6 ish minute video that uses breathing, relaxation, and beach sounds to meditate. The speaker explains what you see in front of you, what you are doing, and how to come out of the meditative state.  I could definitely envision myself at the beach, feeling that sand, in a nice soft comfortable chair!! Having my hand on my stomach as I was breathing, I could tell my breath slowed down. I can see myself doing this one again soon. I do have trouble sleeping so listening to soft beach music before I got to bed for about 20 minutes would be helpful.

Simple Relaxation was the final video that I will be posting. This meditation video is around 8 mins long and has a male speaker that explains how to use words such as “soft” and “let go” to focus on during meditation. These words are used to help relax you and take the tension off your muscles. I did find when I first began video, imagining soft things felt quite pleasurable. A soft towel, soft blanket, soft bunny rabbit. Personally, I did not feel as relaxed in this video though as I did in the first two. It may have had something to do with the fact that breathing control was not discussed.

Meditation is supposed to help a vast range of things.  Professional meditators are able to obtain such a deep level of relaxation that they can control their pulse and blood pressure.  They also can enter into a state where little to no pain is felt in situations where they should be feeling pain. I’ve always thought of meditation as something one would do in a yoga studio …. something that cost $. But I’ve realized today that meditation can be done ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, ANYPLACE. Yes, it’s ideal to have a quiet room or relaxing surroundings. But sometimes that is just not possible.  The writer of my book says he has meditated in the car (im sure he was not driving ha!) on a long road trip or has gone out to his car to get away from kids, house, noise to just relax for 20 minutes.  20 minutes is the recommended amount of time to meditate. Ideally, one should meditate twice a day. After you wake up and before dinner. However, if you do it once a day I think you may see a HUGE decrease in your stress level. There are different types of meditation that definitely seem worth researching.  Trying out those videos will let you know certain things you like and don’t like. Clearly, there  are FREE meditation videos on and I am sure books on it at your local library.  If music helps you can either get a cd, download music, or just look up music to play while you meditate. A few great things about meditation:

  • It does not take long
  • It’s FREE
  • It does not require a mat or other work out appliance to practice
  • You can be in sitting, lying down, or other comfortable position of your choice
  • You can choose whatever type of music (or silence if you prefer), image, or word (mantra) that you want to focus on

If you meditate regularly and feel it has aided you in weight loss or helped you to prevent binges please let me know?  I would be very curious about this! 🙂 Thanks!


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