Very Inspirational Blog Award & Nominees

I can’t believe I’ve been nominated for another award! ah! How exciting! thank you SO much to mischievouseyez who took the time to not only read my page but feel inspired by it!!!

very inspiring

State 7 things about yourself

I’m a nanny

  1. Absolutely LOVE photography
  2. I’ve changed careers and career goals more than most people have changed their shoes in a lifetime haha!
  3. Would really like to zipline & parasail one day
  4. Admore my Chihuahua Daisy who is licking me at this moment
  5. My favorite animal is the dolphin
  6. horror movies scare the ever living shit out of me (I once saw the shining and the ring..dont think ive been the same sinse!)
  7. I absolutely love reading, writing, and blogging but I tend to mispell things a lot 😦

Before I nominate it’s important to say that I really try to think about the type of award when it comes to who I’m giving it too. If I had awards for each and every follower please know I would give all of those out! 🙂 I get inspired by cooking, photography, literature, DIY, Pinterest ideas, and sometimes just something I read on a blog.  Especially those that take the time to write about the bad as well as the good. Those that are honest, real, and not afraid to show it.  After careful consideration, I feel the blogs below deserve this particular award.  With that being said there are MANY other blogs that inspire me that I Follow! I had to choose 15 though..

Ok so blogs I am nominating….

  1. Six Sisters Stuff (Your pumpkin fruit dip was AMAZING!)
  2. amateurgourmet (made your broccoli this weekend for the FIRST time. Never going back to microwavable!)
  3. whiskandaprayer (Can’t wait to try your no bake Oatmeal cookies!!)
  4. NakedBouguet (Beautiful Photography and Recipes. Thanks for the Marshmallow one!!)
  5. TwoPeasAndTheirPod (Two Ingredient Banana Peanut Butter Icecream!!….Yes Please!!)
  6. Sally’sBakingAddiction (I want to devour everything on this website! Really creative & Colorful recipes such as cake batter chocolate chip cookies!)
  7. RLBMUT (I thought the mini pizza idea was so creative! Looking forward to trying it out soon for lunch!)
  8. ChildsOwn (The  imagination that you must have to turn childrens drawings into toys is so inspirational. They are fantastic! Keep doing what you doing! If I had a child I’m sure I would order one 🙂 One day!)
  9. MyFridgeFood  (Muchos appreciation for the cookie dough greek yogurt recipe!)
  10. Sunshine Art (Love the DIY mask idea for kids! Great craft for young children who enjoy decorating things.)
  11. LetsTalkAboutLit (If you love lit and poetry (like me!) check this blog out! Appreciated the interpretation of “Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening”-Robert Frost)
  12. tresorsdeluxe (Photography of people, places, and fashion. Especially loved pics of the coffee house w/coffee cup chairs!!)
  13. portentsprodigy (A dear friend, mother, fighter, and survivor. I love reading about the trials she is faced with and the level of maturity in which she handles them).
  14. darlingeverythingisonfire (My friend, sister, fighter, and survivor as well. We have always done things together and never given up our dream of one day overcoming our past. For the past 10 years I’ve believed in her and have been inspired by her determination to get through school. Love You Jordan)
  15. monochromejunkie (After reading your PhotoTherapy page I realized that you and I were in fact on the same page! I can relate and my heart goes out to you. Know that you inspire others just by blogging about hard things because it allows people to realize they are not alone in their situation).

8 thoughts on “Very Inspirational Blog Award & Nominees

  1. mischievouseyez says:

    Congrats!! ;-D I’m a Chicken too when it comes to watching Horror movies!! They are scaryy,, i am guilty of wasting so much electricity in the night, because i couldn’t sleep in the dark after watching one!

    1. thanks!!! its always so wonderful to recieve those awards! I have you to thank for my last one!! ❤ muchos appreciation. And
      you know the book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seus. Ok well if you do you will get the reference that in the dark or in the light
      I do NOT like horror movies ANYWHERE haha! The previews get scarier and scarier to the point I will literally close eyes and
      squash ears in to keep from hearing some kind of creature sneaking into someones bedroom. I love what you said about electricity
      because ME TOO!! There are like two lights in my house that stay permanently on. lol!

      1. mischievouseyez says:

        hehehe me toooo, i cover my eye with my hands the minute they show the ghost face or whatever creature!!!! And i mostly prefer watching them in the morning,,, in broad daylight, lol

  2. M&M, thank you so much. You have a very big heart, and I appreciate all of the support that you offer, shown here, and all over the place. I’m awful at linking awards and choosing nominees and such, simply because, it’s a heap to stay up with everything, considering my two teens, and a full semester (4 classes). But I want you to know that it means a lot to me, and I cherish your words. I want to thank you for inspiring me to shoot more sunsets. My last post is for you. I hope you like it. You’re a major inspiration to many people. Keep shining. 🙂 xo

    1. Hey girl no problem thanks for saying that!!! And I completely understand those awards do take time to pass on. If I had children I would probably not be able to do so many of them either. I like when they say nominate like 4 or 5 people. 15 people is really hard because I have to go back through everyone I know, consider people that have not been nominated, and look at recent posts I have shared. I do appreciate my followers though so I am thankful at this point in my life I have time to do it. Everyone keeps asking me when I am going to have kids or if I want them. My main answer is Not yet!! haha! I will def check out that post thanks for doing that 🙂 Very kind of you.

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