Do You Know Anyone Who Makes AFFORDABLE headers for WordPress?

Hello friends!

I’m looking for an affordable  header design, custom made, by yourself or someone you know. Can you help?

UPDATE AS OF 2/16/2013  I have an amazing blogging friend who is working on this with me.  I appreciate the response I have gotten about it!! If further assistance is needed on header I will definitely post here again! For right now, please keep the ideas of what you would like it to look like coming 🙂

I’m looking for an AFFORDABLE header created by someone who enjoys seeing all different types of visions for people’s pages.  The Muffins & Mocha header I have now as served its purpose but I think I’m ready to step it up a notch and do an actual design with my “Muffins & Mocha” name. Anyone interested or know someone who would be interested in helping? Also, please let me know either on here or through email how much would be charged to JUST make a header (not a full website layout or anything). Thanks for letting me know! 🙂

I would ideally like 3 choices to choose from when all is said and done with payment if possible ❤

I also would like the ability to work with you on what I feel should be edited if anything within reason.

Even if you think you can’t help… YOU CAN! Here is how:

When you envision Muffins & Mocha what type of design/logo/scenery do you imagine? Are you seeing a coffee shop, comfortable chairs in front of a fire place, an actual muffin and mocha, or something completely different?

Color Scheme: are you seeing nature colors? Bright vivid colors? Pastels?

Let me know! My page is incredibly special to me because it’s a part of who I am. Those that follow me inspire me to keep writing and keep me motivated. I would love yalls help. Truly. ❤



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